Imporant dates

April 16, 2023 Preliminary registration, Abstract submission deadline
April 7, 2023 Notification of abstract acceptance
July 16, 2023 Full paper submission
July 16, 2023 Notification of manuscript acceptance
July 14, 2023 The fee payment deadline
September 20 - September 23, 2023 Conference dates


Call for Abstracts

The Scientific Committee for the DIDFYZ 2023 invites authors to submit abstracts for presentation at the upcoming conference
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Restrictions: Each participant may upload up to 2 abstracts.
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Abstract submission deadline: April 16, 2023
Notification of abstract acceptance: by April 7, 2023

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Call for Papers

The Scientific Committee for the DIDFYZ 2023 invites authors to submit full paper for presentation at the upcoming conference
How to submit full paper: When your abstract is accepted, login to your account at conference webpage. Go to My submissions and click on Detail of your accepted abstract. When uploading the full paper, you are required to upload Copyright form and agree with Terms and Conditions as well.
Guidelines for authors: It is extremely important for all authors to follow these guidelines so that the publishing of the conference proceedings is not delayed by problematic papers.
Please, use the Word template and follow the instructions given there.

Length of the paper must be between 6 and 8 pages. Shorter papers will be excluded from the proceedings. Longer papers may be submitted only after the consent of the Proceeding Editor(s).
Copyright form: There is no a need for the authors to submit a copyright form. By submitting a paper for publication in the conference proceedings (Journal of Physics: Conference Series), an author is assumed to accept all of the terms of the Proceedings Publication Licence.

Are you planning to use any copyrighted material in your paper? Please contact the Proceedings Editor(s) as soon as possible.
Full paper submission deadline: by July 16, 2023
Notification of full paper acceptance: by July 16, 2023

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Conference topics


New approaches in physics education for generation Z

The basic goal of the DIDFYZ 2023 conference will be to reflect the characteristics of the educated generation referred to as Z and Alpha in physics education, in the content, activities and methods used in teaching physics.

Appropriate topics include

1. Goals, content and methods of physical education of generation Z
Reflection of the specifics of generation Z in the content and methods of education in physics.
Specifics of didactic communication with generation Z in teaching physics.
Changes in the content of physical education in new conditions.
Means and methods of education in physics reflecting the demands of generation Z.
Methodology of obtaining physical knowledge from various information sources.
Transferring knowledge into practice and verifying the ability of student to use new knowledge in life.
Changes in the approach to physical education at different levels and types of schools here and abroad.
Preparation of physics teachers to use new forms of education.
2. Empirical cognition, research-oriented learning and physical experiment in the environment of generation Z
Innovative methods of education in physics.
Tasks, functions and structure of the physical experiment in new conditions.
Selection, implementation and interpretation of experiments taking into account empirical and theoretical learning procedures, inclusion of new knowledge and their application and use in practice.
Physical experiment methodology reflecting the requirements of the new generation.
An experiment in the cognitive process of natural science subjects.
Selection of the experiment with regard to age and subject matter and its inclusion in the cognitive process of student (real, model and their combination).


Registration & Submissions

The registration has started on March 3, 2023.

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